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What is it that makes a relationship work?

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101 Ways to Show Love to Your Partner is a simple guide to help you practice acts of love
and kind gestures that help make a relationship work.

When we are intentional in our relationship it is much easier to stay connected
and protect that bond only you have with your partner.

We haven’t exhausted all the ways so feel free to add your favorites that aren’t listed as you go along.

Have fun with these loving gestures!

Your relationship matters! 101 Ways to Show Love to Your Partner is designed to be a reference for those moments when you want to say or do something but you’re just not sure what to do.

Inside, you’ll get everything from simple things to say to more involved expressions or your love and appreciation.

It’s perfect for couples who want to improve their romantic connection and for couples who feel connected but want to do something new!

Keep this guide handy, refer to it often. It will guide you toward a more loving and fulfilling relationship every time.

Your love matters and this guide helps you showcase that.

You don’t have to come up with creative ideas any longer. This therapist created guide will help.

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