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How Childhood Trauma Affects Adult Relationships

How childhood trauma affects adult relationships Do you fear that your past shows up in your current relationship? Maybe statements like: “I don’t know how to trust, it’s not safe”, “I don’t know when to reach out, I don’t want to be a burden to anyone”, or perhaps “I [...]

How Childhood Trauma Affects Adult Relationships2019-11-04T20:45:57+00:00

Dominance and Submission – Can You Submit?

Are you ready for a little Dominance and Submission? Whether inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey or boredom, you join many partners who express frustration with their vanilla sex life. You may not seek whips and chains (or perhaps you do, you kinky thing!) but you simply know you [...]

Dominance and Submission – Can You Submit?2019-10-03T21:54:51+00:00

Skin Hunger – The Need for Skin to Skin Contact

We all need to be touched. We are born wired for human touch. If we go through a significant period of time without it, we begin to physically crave it. We literally become hungry for skin to skin contact. It has been reported that infants who lived in orphanages [...]

Skin Hunger – The Need for Skin to Skin Contact2019-09-16T14:21:53+00:00


Why you need to makeout with your partner... I'm obsessed with this video, First Kiss. Not surprisingly, it went viral when published on YouTube. I admit that I've watched it several times and have been swept into it's magic each and every time. I notice that when I watch [...]


How Humor Strengthens Your Relationship

Is there Humor in your relationship? Do you laugh at yourself?  Or, do you take yourself too seriously?  Laughter can be THE best medicine.  A good sense of humor can strengthen your relationship with yourself and others. If you’ve ever been to therapy, you know some sessions are hard. [...]

How Humor Strengthens Your Relationship2019-09-09T14:58:56+00:00
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