Are you making mistakes in the bedroom that are killing your sex life?

For some of you, simply having sex in the bedroom might be your biggest sexual turn-off. But for those of you who stay exclusive to the boudoir, you might be committing some fatal bedroom errors.

Before you read any further, I want you to pause and consider your bedroom as it stands right now.

Does your bedroom feel sexy?

Below is a list of some common sexual buzzkills that come straight from the bedroom. Let’s see if your bedroom fits any of these:

A TV exists in your bedroom (#1 offender)

There ain’t nothin’ sexy about a remote control in hand, scanning endless channels that only host boring reality TV shows and too often seen re-runs.


Laundry piles

Heaping piles of dirty laundry make for not a nice scent or décor. No one wants to get it on with smelly socks and underwear lying around. NOT SEXY!

A Mural of Kid Photos and Drawings

You cherish your kids photos and artwork – as a parent, I get it, but your bedroom is not the family living room. Put it on the fridge or next to your picture of Aunt Nora down the hallway. NOT SEXY!

Technology Abounds

Going to bed each night with your smartphone, IPads and laptops in hand, ready to play Words with Friends or text your BFF, need I say more? NOT SEXY!

Books, books, and more books

If you have converted your bedroom into a library, the only thing we might expect is some dusty cobwebs and that library book smell. Convert those texts to erotic novels or ditch them. NOT SEXY!

Random Clutter

Kids toys, 6 lotions at your bedside, your must-have water bottle, jewelry, alarm clocks, piles of clothes you plan to give away, loose change everywhere, receipts from food shopping 2 months ago… all of this clutter must go. NOT SEXY!

Many couples do not realize the impact their bedrooms have on their sex lives (not to mention sleep quality).

Clutter impacts your ability to relax, to let go and breathe easy.

Spring is the perfect season to cleanse your bedroom.

Bring renewed sexy energy into this space. Ditch the clutter. Consider buying good quality sheets that feel great against your skin and maybe some shaggy throw pillows for the bed.

Add some mirrors of various shapes and sizes to help reflect light differently. Change the lighting fixtures or bulbs to create a soft ambiance. Find some inspiring sexy wall art or sculptures to add some style to the room.

Pick colors, fabrics and textures that arouse you. Spray some sensual scented oils to the space such as ylang-ylang.

Have fun springing into Sexy!

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