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Anxiety, Loss and Resilience: 3 Emotions That You Can Grow From

Have you ever thought – “My partner isn’t attracted to me anymore!  She/he never acts excited to see me. Why can’t it be like it was in the beginning?” over and over again? Take a breath. It’s not uncommon to wonder “What went wrong?” in your long-term relationship.  Let’s give ♥️ READ MORE

[Video] Intimacy Breakthrough Expert, Carolynn Aristone on the Looping Up Show

What are the signs that your relationship may be in trouble or at the very least, experiencing intimacy issues? In this episode of The Looping Up Show, I share some of the issues and distractors that cause intimacy issues in many relationships. Craving a more Intimate Relationship with ♥️ READ MORE

21 Cheap and Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

What keeps long-term relationships alive? Novelty. New experiences. Stepping outside of your typical box. This does not require expensive gifts! Let love and affection lead your celebration of romance this Valentine's Day. Some of the ideas below are not rocket science. But I guarantee you probably don’t do them. ♥️ READ MORE

Couple’s Guide to Talking about Sexual Harassment in the Media

Sexual harassment has become a focus of conversation amongst some couples in our therapy office. The recent scandals involving Matt Lauer, Al Franken, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and more have left many women and men sickened, disheartened and angry at these men’s abuse of power. Women find themselves either ♥️ READ MORE

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