As promised, I bring you some of the most creative, fun product companies on the market today! I’ve done my research and only align with the best of the best. Need to make this holiday season a little extra special? Trust me when I tell you that these gift ideas are thoughtful, sexy and super fun!

Consider giving your partner a secret, sexy stocking filled with such fun things as:

Hot and Spicy Dice

Bedroom Bucks Coupons

Pillow Talk Couple’s Cards

Indulgence Mood Music CD


Brought to you by BetterSex of the Sinclair Institute

Or, consider giving your partner a monthly subscription service that delivers date night to you! What? Date night in a box?! Date night arrives at your door in a prepackaged box, filled with all things needed for a mysterious, fun night home together.


Date Night In A Box brought to you by Unbox Love

Or get even hotter! Consider a sexier gift meant to feed your erotic desires. Let me introduce you to a subscription service that delivers mysterious erotic novelties to your door. Imagine the anticipation as you both unwrap the tastefully created package to discover what role you will play that evening.


Bring Sexy Back with The Fantasy Box!

My top priority is to help you cultivate a healthy, fulfilling relationship. I have carefully selected products based on the needs you express to me in session every week, or the questions you write to me, or the comments you leave on my published articles.

I know you want to wake up your relationship! I know that you want to feel alive, energized and passionate. Give yourself and your partner the magic that you both deserve. Make this holiday your season of connection.

Prioritize Your Relationship!

These product companies know you want to keep things confidential. Each company takes special care to send your products in neutral, unidentifiable packaging. No risks involved!

Isn’t it time to LIVE. LOVE. BETTER.?

I can’t wait to put a sexy spin on this holiday season! I don’t know about you but I think Santa likes the naughty list;)


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