What To Do With Your Lonely, Sexless Marriage?

As CEO of The Center for Intimate Relationships, I have experienced a whirlwind of events in the last few weeks! So many good, juicy developments in the works for you, I cannot wait to share as these programs unfold! But more on that in a future blog post. Readers have been [...]

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Not Everyone Likes My Article on Affair Recovery

A reader recently criticized my article posted on Goodtherapy.org, Could Your Marriage Survive an Affair? back in November 2014.  She began her response with: I resent this article so much that I would rip it up if it were actual paper. I am so tired of people who have never been [...]

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Ashley Madison: What the Recent Debacle Reveals About Your Marriage

I am not an advocate for infidelity. Infidelity can cause permanent injury to a loving relationship (yes, a loving one). It usually results in devastation, upheaval and deep trauma. All members involved are victims of the affair – the betrayer, their affair partner(s), the betrayed and sometimes children. Many of [...]

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How Infidelity Improved Their Marriage

How timely was it that as Goodtherapy.org published my article on infidelity, Ashley Madison released the names of the "cheaters" from their database? The article has received many shares for which I am grateful. Infidelity is one of the most devastating experiences for couples and some of the most challenging work for [...]

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[Q&A] Married to An Emotional Cheater

Q. What to do with husband who wants to claim independence by having friends of the opposite sex, yet serially gets caught in emotional affairs? A. You raise an important subject that many spouses like yourself deal with. Access to the internet has increased affair statistics, where emotional connection is as [...]

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