What To Do With Your Lonely, Sexless Marriage?

As CEO of The Center for Intimate Relationships, I have experienced a whirlwind of events in the last few weeks! So many good, juicy developments in the works for you, I cannot wait to share as these programs unfold! But more on that in a future blog post. Readers have been ♥️ READ MORE

What To Do With Your Lonely, Sexless Marriage?2018-04-25T20:27:24+00:00

Recovering from Divorce and Affairs

Affair Recovery Romantic relationships can make you feel high. When hitting on all cylinders, your love life can fill your heart and soul with almost unbearable pleasure. But, relationships also render you vulnerable to pain, anguish and loss. These 2 readers wrote to me to try to resolve matters ♥️ READ MORE

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The 3 Keys to Create a Healthy Separation

I would love to say that therapy saves all relationships from separation. It does not. Some couples soar through the process reaching high levels of satisfaction, others settle for the status quo and still others decide to call it quits. If you have both decided that it's time to end ♥️ READ MORE

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