Face Your Limitations To Increase Intimacy In All Relationships

A theme arose amongst my clients this week and in my own life. We have this need to do it all and be all things to all people all of the time. Here are three very different examples that have this theme in common: Suzie’s spouse tells me that often ♥️ READ MORE

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Is Your Emotional Bank Account In Overdraft?

In order to support ourselves financially, we work to make money. We take our money each week and deposit it into a bank. When we need the money, we make a withdrawal. It's a necessity for our most basic needs. What about long term relationships? What do we need to ♥️ READ MORE

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Joy and Pain

Last week, I walked into work on a particularly lovely day. The sky was an extraordinary blue; the air, warm without being oppressive. A slight breeze jostled the branches of the trees. From my car to the office, I marveled at this quiet beauty and peace. Suddenly, I stopped, nearly ♥️ READ MORE

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5 Tips for Healthy Self-Expression

Today, once again, I felt the power and transformation of truth. In therapy, I frequently support my clients to live out honesty and truth when they relate to others.  Together, we work through the anxiety of honest expression and the potential conflicts that might arise from that communication.  Today, I ♥️ READ MORE

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Boston | How To Transform The Fear and Vulnerability of Tragedy

My mother, now 75 years old, called today to wish my son a Happy Birthday. Before we ended the call, she said to me in Spanish, "Mi hijita, cuidado, todo esta loco, cuida los ninos, no sale si no necesitas". Translation: "My daughter, be careful. Everything is crazy, take care ♥️ READ MORE

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