Overcome Boredom in Your Relationship

Are you bored in your relationship? Does your relationship make you want to yawn?  Does it feel like Relationship Groundhog Day?  Same routine, same activities, same restaurants, etc. It's what happens to most couples when their days become Life Management 101.  All about routines, schedules, structures.  Don't get me ♥️ READ MORE

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Dominance and Submission – Can You Submit?

Are you ready for a little Dominance and Submission? Whether inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey or boredom, you join many partners who express frustration with their vanilla sex life. You may not seek whips and chains (or perhaps you do, you kinky thing!) but you simply know you ♥️ READ MORE

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[Q&A] My partner doesn’t reciprocate when we have sex

Question: During sex I feel like I am doing all of the work, sex is seeming like a one way thing and my girlfriend doesn’t reciprocate acts or seem interested in focusing on me. She is always ‘too tired’ or just says no. I’m really struggling with ♥️ READ MORE

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[Q&A] What is the degree your therapists hold?

Question: This is an incredibly important question. In our practice, our therapists have Masters Degrees and are licensed in New Jersey. This means we have done post-graduate work, a few thousand hours before we can be licensed. We have several additional certifications...listen in to learn more. ********* ♥️ READ MORE

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