How to Kiss Your Lover

Don't you just love kissing? Ahhh, that delicious, warm, soft moment when your lips touch...the KISS If all kisses were like that, but they aren't. Why? Sometimes it is technique, sometimes it is just that you aren't feeling it. If you are desiring a greater connection with your partner, [...]

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Dominance and Submission – Can You Submit?

Are you ready for a little Dominance and Submission? Whether inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey or boredom, you join many partners who express frustration with their vanilla sex life. You may not seek whips and chains (or perhaps you do, you kinky thing!) but you simply know you [...]

Dominance and Submission – Can You Submit?2019-10-03T21:54:51+00:00


Why you need to makeout with your partner... I'm obsessed with this video, First Kiss. Not surprisingly, it went viral when published on YouTube. I admit that I've watched it several times and have been swept into it's magic each and every time. I notice that when I watch [...]

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