Are You Willing to Do The Work?

Your sex life doesn’t sit in a vacuum.  In a long-term relationship, good sex is dependent on many things.  If there is any part of you that thinks sex should “just happen” - organically, naturally, fluidly, spontaneously, at will - well, you will be sadly disappointed. I wish it [...]

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Rekindle Intimacy and Sex With These 5 Steps

Elysabeth Williamson, author and yoga teacher, writes,  "Touch is as vital to our survival as air, food and water".  Touch allows us to communicate and connect, to listen and express, to give and receive.  A lack of touch can have a strong impact on your well-being.  Many couples who dislike being in a sexless [...]

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Kink, Bondage, Tantra, Oh My!

New Age Kink? Meditative Bondage? Tantric Sex? I always say vanilla partners can learn so much from the BDSM community about sensual sex. If you practice vanilla sex, this article gives you a sneak peak into the world of kink. For established kinksters, New Age Kink adds a deeper dimension to BDSM. [...]

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Create a Sexy Life!

Years ago, I almost had an orgasm in a restaurant. Well, sort of. I had travelled up to New York City to spend a day with a good friend. After a few hours at the Met, she brought me to a mouth-watering mediterranean restaurant in Greenwich Village. As we approached [...]

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