Are You Willing to Do The Work?

Your sex life doesn’t sit in a vacuum.  In a long-term relationship, good sex is dependent on many things.  If there is any part of you that thinks sex should “just happen” - organically, naturally, fluidly, spontaneously, at will - well, you will be sadly disappointed. I wish it [...]

Are You Willing to Do The Work?2018-07-05T21:35:45+00:00

Can You Be Ethical and Slutty?

Women struggle with deep internal conflicts around sexuality.  Do you feel confused about how you are "supposed" to act sexually? Do you stop yourself from doing certain acts or saying certain things for fear of being labeled as slutty or loose? Are you uncomfortable with initiating sexual acts? Do you [...]

Can You Be Ethical and Slutty?2018-04-30T21:30:13+00:00

Vulnerability Heals Shame

I recently visited Brene Brown's wise, eloquent and humorous TEDTalk video titled "The Power of Vulnerability".  Ms. Brown is an established social work researcher, author and speaker.  In this talk, she discussed her research on the role of vulnerability and shame in human connection. She spent 6 years collecting and [...]

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