Relationship and Sexual Health

    • Communication Problems
      You may feel unheard, unseen and misunderstood by your partner. Learn how to see and be seen through healthy, effective communication patterns.
    • Lack of Intimacy
      Your relationship may lack authentic connection, honesty and prioritization. Find ways to revive, strengthen and sustain emotional, physical and sexual intimacy.
    • Infidelity/Betrayal/Affair Recovery
      Betrayal has ripped your relationship apart. Recover trust when you or your partner engaged in an emotional, cyber and/or physical affair.
    • No Sex Relationship
      It’s been years since you’ve had any sex at all. Explore what may contribute to that, the impact of this on your relationship and whether or not you want to engage sexually together.
    • Open Relationships/Polyamory
      You have agreed on a non-monogamous relationship but now find yourself struggling through it. Learn how to navigate this emotionally complex, potentially rewarding relationship decision.
    • Premarital counseling
      You and your partner want a lifelong, loving relationship. Engage in exercises that help you consciously build a strong and fulfilling marriage.
    • Lack of Sexual Desire/Low Libido
      You may have little to no sexual desire. Learn what healthy sexual desire looks and feels like so that desire differences do not negatively impact your relationship.
    • Infertility and Sex
      Your inability to naturally conceive a child may wreak havoc on your sex life. Find ways to heal and recover your emotional and sexual self so that you can engage with your partner again.
    • Orgasm difficulties
      You may have few to no orgasms, either alone or with a partner. Overcome the obstacles that prevent you from having healthy orgasms.
    • Painful Sex/Dyspareunia/Vulvar Vestibulitis
      You may suffer from pain during intercourse or find yourself stopping it altogether. Learn what might cause the pain, if you require medical help and how to enjoy sex, with or without penetration.
    • PostPartum Sexuality
      Sex can feel complicated after having a baby. New baby. New parents. New Life. Learn how to successfully integrate all of your roles, including your sexuality.
    • Premature Ejaculation
      You may not “perform” as you would like through early ejaculation. Discover why and how to gain greater control for optimal sex.
    • Erectile Dysfunction
      Various issues can contribute to ED. Learn the important steps you may need to take to address and improve ED.
    • Gender Questioning
      If you do not fit the gender binary, learn how to explore what gender means to you as well as how to navigate issues specific to your gender identification.
    • Stress Management
      Managing life, family and work can take a silent toll on your health. Create a balanced lifestyle that helps you take care of yourself and your responsibilities.