Is Your Partner Disappointing You? This Could Be Why.

You are not alone!  I see this chronic pattern happen over and over again.  You want certain needs met and your partner doesn’t seem to make it happen.  Then, you find yourself afraid to speak up.  And when you finally do, your partner finds themselves blindsided.  The mistake? We assume that our partners either know what we want or know why we feel hurt.

Couples do this, I’ve done this, my spouse has done this, and I’m sure you’ve done it too.  If your partner is disappointing you, it may not be entirely their fault.  If you can’t summon the courage to ask for what you want, then you don’t empower your partner to give you what you need.  The bottom line is that you are your partner’s teacher.  

Is Your Partner Disappointing You?

If you experience disappointment in your relationship, I want to boost your courage to speak up.  On the flip side, if you think you’re partner is disappointed in you, I want to give you some insight.  Either way, I am here to help you show up better in your relationship and disrupt the disappointment cycle.

My goal for you is to show up as the best version of yourself – more conscious, more aware, more educated – in your partnership.  You can do this!

2 Ways to Eliminate Disappointment

There are two ways to help eliminate disappointment in your relationship.  These involve your amazing courage and addressing an issue at the moment.

  1. Find your Courage. I’ll give you an example.  Let’s say you are trying to improve your sex life.  Perhaps sexual intimacy has been dormant for some time.  A lack of sexual engagement can happen for a variety of reasons.  Have you ever been left wishing that your partner had put the moves on you last night or had done the moves differently? Then this is for you.

Getting your needs met requires you to tap into your courage.  It means you move your thoughts from your head out into the room by speaking them out loud.  Otherwise, your partner will never know, and they will always be left wondering.  It takes practice, and it’s not always easy, but it is worth it.

  1. Speak in the Now. Example number two takes courage a step farther.  Communication can oftentimes be the bigger obstacle.  This time let’s say that have had a rough day.  Maybe it’s because of the issues in your relationship.  Your partner comes home, and they ask you if there is anything they can do, but you say you’re fine.  They proceed to unwind, leaving you alone, and you get angry.

In this scenario, you are left upset, and your partner is left confused.  You assume they know what you need yet, they have no idea.  If you feel disappointed, find your voice at the moment.  Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve does not equal communication.  If you speak up when you want something, then your partner will know what to do at the time you need it.

You Are Your Partner’s Teacher

We all do this!  We catch ourselves saying – “I shouldn’t have to be your teacher.”  But this is a complete misconception about relationships.

And, guess what?  Your partner doesn’t know how to meet your expectations unless you find the courage to communicate.  But, if you’re assertive in finding your voice, you will empower your partner to show up as what you need.

Courage and communication go hand in hand.  Fear is the common denominator.  What happens when you summon the courage and reach out to communicate?  You invite intimacy and inspire compassion into your relationships.

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