It takes courage to be intimate…

Intimacy is not easy!  Intimacy can challenge you and your partner to be present in your relationship.  If you want to build a more intimate relationship,  then you have to tap into your courage.  If you want to build love and connection, then you have to show up honest and authentic.

The challenge is to show up better as a partner.  A massive misunderstanding in relationships is that making them better should not require effort.  People often think that if something takes work then it’s not meant to be or it was a mistake. NOT TRUE. When you want to make anything in your life better, it always requires work.  Do not expect an intimate relationship to come easy.

Silver Lining of Intimacy

There has to be a silver lining, right?

We have established that to build a more intimate relationship you have to put in the work.  I have created a fun, easy way to build intimacy in your relationship.  It is the 10-Day Intimacy Building Challenge and it starts February 5th.  The 10-Day Intimacy Building Challenge requires you to invest time with your partner and dedicate attention to your relationship.  The silver lining is that you will build the skills, the humility, and the mutual respect to connect – even in the face of conflict.

10-Day Intimacy Challenge

The reason I call it the 10-Day Intimacy Building Challenge is that I truly believe that intimacy challenges us to the core.  The challenge is designed to help couples step through a series of challenges to raise their intimacy to the next level.  Each step, no matter how small, asks you to tap into your courage.

The challenge is to put the reality of your experience, your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas on the table.  Intimacy requires you to be real.  You cannot wear a mask and be intimate.  You risk the potential rejection, whether you are in new or long-term relationships.  But, if you show up authentic and real, you will build a stronger emotional, physical, and sexual connection.

The Big Takeaway

Here’s the message I want you to walk away with today.  If intimacy challenges you or you are struggling in your partnership, stop wishing for your relationship to be better.  Wishing for it to be better is not the answer.

To be able to overcome adversities when they show up, you have to show up as a better partner in your relationship.  My challenge to you – look for the answer inside of yourself.  Look to be braver.  Show up real.  Be bold.

10 day intimacy challenge

Sign Up for the 10-Day Intimacy Challenge NOW

10 days, 10 ways to show your love, be more affectionate and build more intimacy in your relationship.  From February 5 through February 14, you will receive an email a day with a simple gesture you can use with your partner.

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day, why not start now showing your partner how much you love them.  These simple gestures are designed to engage both of you in more loving, intimate ways.

Over 10 days starting on February 5th, you will receive one email a day that has a specific activity designed to open up communication, put a little fun in your relationship, enhance intimacy and physical touch and ultimately bring you more of what you want in your relationship.


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