I am a 57-year-old man who’s wife of 35 years suddenly passed away. 18 years ago she had previously been diagnosed with breast cancer and undergone chemotherapy and a full mastectomy. From then on our sex life was essentially non-existent, and I was okay with that because I had taken the vow “for better or for worse”. A few months after her passing I had met a wonderful woman who is beautiful, sexy, sensual, and loving. However, I am finding myself having difficulty maintaining an erection. Your guidance and assistance would be greatly appreciated.


First off, as a 57 year-old man, I highly recommend seeing a urologist if the writer hasn’t already done so. A blood test and a screening can eliminate a few possibilities regarding the symptom of ED. The writer brings up that he has entered a relationship with another woman a few months after his partner of 35 years has passed, which makes me question the adequacy of the length of the grief period. He also states that he had spent the last 15 years or so without an active sex life, so is the body’s sexual system functioning?

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