Q: This was a lengthy submission so I’m going to paraphrase:

A woman wrote in who found out that a woman that works with her husband has been inappropriate and also flirts with him.

Her husband brushes off her concerns and reminds her that the coworker is married, but doesn’t seem to think the advances she makes towards him are serious.

He’s confided in his wife that this woman has told him about her breast implants, that she asks him to lunch almost every day and she sends flirty text messages during meetings.

She sends him pictures and seems to be trying to make something happen.

The writer even said that she told her husband that she wanted to tell the coworker’s husband about this behavior and that the husband started to make up stories that we unbelievable.

My Feedback:

Situations like this can be crazy-making. You get a gut feeling that something isn’t right.

I think that having a conversation with your partner about your feelings is important.

You don’t want to blame him for this woman’s behavior. Her behavior is something you don’t have control over. You also don’t have control over how your partner responds.

In the video, I give more specific suggestions that may help. Watch for my full feedback.


This video isn’t a substitute for professional therapy and is for educational purposes only. Any feedback given in my videos is not therapy. I’m giving you a therapist’s perspective based upon what is presented.

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