Are you a Gift Giver in Your Marriage?

I found the perfect gift, not just for my partner, but for our marriage!

In September, I bought this product as an anniversary gift for my spouse and we have had SO much fun with it!

This gift helped us bring date night back on the calendar and the reward has been amazing. With our limited budgets and limited time, we aim for one date night out a month. But there was a month here or there where we struggled to make that work.  Babysitter canceled. Someone got sick. You know, the usual life stuff.

But back in September, I ordered a product that has felt like a game-changer for date night! It alleviated the stress of planning an idea, or childcare falling through. In fact, date night has been getting delivered right to our front door! I love this service so much, I did a video on the product yesterday.

Click VIDEO to check it out!

While it may seem cliche, date night matters. Period.  Couples need time to simply be a couple. Not actively parenting. Or working. Or attending to the in-laws. Not being a daughter or son. The emphasis here is on acting like a couple.

Date night means dedicated, purposeful time together for connection, ease and spark. It’s where you look at each other, let go of stress, laugh, share stories, touch each other and create new experiences together.

This product has given us a new option. Yes, we still go out on the town for date night. But now, we also have fun, creative alternatives for the nights we simply want to enjoy each other at home.

For anyone who wants to bring ease back to date night, where you don’t have to plan it out or worry about anything, this service is perfect for you!

You DESERVE easy, playful time with your partner!

Just use this LINK to help you get consistent couple time with your honey! Use it as an anniversary gift, a stocking stuffer or simply “just because”.

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No Communication.
No Time Together.
No Touch.
Sex Feels Like a Chore.
Roommate Status. Complacent.

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