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Here’s the recent submission:

Subject: Uncharted sexual desires

I recently started messing with this guy who awakens something inside of me I never felt before. I’m scared yet intrigued. It’s a Dom/Sub relationship.

He’s always been dominate but slowly it’s elevated and I like it more than I thought.

The soft words he says commanding me, omgosh, I can’t describe what he awakens inside of me.

How do I explore this new lifestyle without feeling used and abused?


First, thank you for submitting this question. I know there are a lot of viewers out there wondering the same thing.

Can abuse happen in Dom/Sub relationships?

Yes. You want to make sure you are in a true BDSM relationship.

When it’s safe, seen and consensual it’s not abusive.

Watch for my full answer and the suggestions I have to help this viewer.


This video isn’t a substitute for professional therapy and is for educational purposes only. Any feedback given in my videos is not therapy. I’m giving you a therapist’s perspective based upon what is presented.

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