Don’t you just love kissing?

Ahhh, that delicious, warm, soft moment when your lips touch…the KISS

If all kisses were like that, but they aren’t.

Why? Sometimes it is technique, sometimes it is just that you aren’t feeling it.

If you are desiring a greater connection with your partner, try this kissing exercise.

Here are a few tips on how to kiss to build intimacy and connection:

1. Take your time…don’t rush through a kiss.
2. Make eye contact before you begin. Look at your partner. I mean LOOK at them and hold their gaze for a few seconds before you dive in.
3. Where do you put your hands? Put your hands on your partner’s body — some people caress the face or rest their hands on their partner’s hips or chest. Just don’t stand there like a wooden plank with your hands to your sides. Touch your partner while you kiss them.
4. Tongue? No Tongue? That’s up to you and your partner. What matters most is that you are intentional in touching your lips to theirs.
5. Soft lips do matter. I mean soft, not rigid…relax your mouth.
6. As you end the kiss, linger for just a second before you pull away. Be mindful of the moment you just shared.

Here’s to a deeper connection and a great kiss.

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