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What are the healthy ways to step into a relationship? How do we know healthy relationships if all we’ve known in the past are unhealthy, abusive relationships?

Great Question, viewer!

First, let me suggest that if you’ve had these issues in past relationships and you’ve not seen a therapist, this would be a great place to start.

Being able to work through those issues from the past will help prepare you for future relationships.

Before you can share healthy love with someone else, you have to have healthy love with yourself.

You don’t want to repeat the patterns of toxic relationships.

You want to be able to trust yourself when you are entering into a new relationship.

Watch for my full answer and the suggestions I have to help this viewer.


This video isn’t a substitute for professional therapy and is for educational purposes only. Any feedback given in my videos is not therapy. I’m giving you a therapist’s perspective based upon what is presented.

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