How do you find the time in a busy life for sex and intimacy?

In Episode 11 of the Busy to Balanced Podcast, I share some of the detractors of and solutions to intimacy issues in many relationships.

We dive into topics such as:

  • How to become confident in the bedroom
  • How to use your voice inside and outside of the bedroom
  • How to become sexy from the inside out
  • How to find pleasure in all areas of life
  • Why sex is such a hush hush topic and things that can cause you to feel inadequate
  • Holistic ways to increase libido and heighten senses during sex

Listen to the Podcast Here

Love. Live. Better.

At the Center for Intimate Relationships, we help you build a more intimate and satisfying relationship. You may wonder where your energy and desire has gone or how you can make room in your busy life for intimacy. You might even fear that you can’t get that “spark” back.

Statements like:  “We don’t know how to communicate”,We live like roommates”“I’d be fine if we never have sex again” or maybe “I’m tired of being rejected by my partner” may cross your mind. Whether you seek individual therapy, couples therapy or take one of our online courses, our compassionate team will help you resolve your intimacy problems. By strengthening your emotional, physical and sexual connection, you will feel secure in your love on a daily basis.

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