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April 2019

Welcome Insiders to April’s Relationship Building Activities!


We Live a Sexy Life

Do you live a sexy life?

Do you know what a sexy life looks and feels like?

A sexy life is one that taps into all the senses that are lived viscerally.  Sexiness isn’t one particular thing you do, it’s how you live…an all-encompassing expression of your personality, sexuality and physicality.

When you think about our mantra for this month, what does your sexy life with your partner look like? Talk with them about it. See if you have similar ideas about a sexy life.


Between the Sheets — Sexy Food in Bed

Rating: 🌶🌶1/2🌶

Sexy food…yep, food can be sexy.

Sex is sensual and food can be sensual, too.  Food plays with the sense of taste, texture, smell, touch, and sight just like sex

In this audio, I’m going to take you on a ride from 1-10 on how to explore Sexy food in bed.

** You may want to put in the earbuds for this Between the Sheets audio. This content is adult focused. **

Listen Here


Inspired Action — The Sexiest Meal I’ve Ever Had

Hello Insider, feeling sexy yet?

April, the month where Spring is in full bloom… the perfect time for us to tap into our own sexiness.

Sexiness is a lived experience…Our mantra is that we live a sexy life, beyond the bedroom. You’d be surprised where sexiness can show up:)

Your activity this month is to reflect on this: How do you define sexiness? What experience did you have where you felt the sexiest? Don’t just focus on your experiences in the bedroom, think about all of your sexy experiences.

Share this with your partner. Take this opportunity to learn more about them as you share about yourself.

Listen Here


The Pulse — Succulent Meal Date Night

Alright, Insiders…it’s time to plan a succulent meal for an upcoming date night…plan it with your partner.

Think about foods that make you feel sexy. Lobster? That’s often thought of as a ‘romantic, sexy’ dinner. Chocolate is often the currency of romance. Or maybe oysters, they are said to be aphrodisiacs.

Why? Because foods like lobster, chocolate, oysters feel supple and soft in our mouth and to our touch.

Think of foods that feel sexy when you touch them…maybe slippery, soft, warm, silky. What about foods that pick up the heart beat a bit…a little spice if you can tolerate it. I think of curry when I think of succulent spicy food. It has a warming heat and luscious coconut milk. Or, sometimes latin cuisine lights up my senses with crisp flavors of lime, cilantro and savory marinades.

You get the idea. With your partner, after you’ve talked about the sexiest meal each of you has ever had, plan a meal together!