Over the years, I have received numerous calls and emails from long-distance consumers seeking quality therapy services with my practice. However, due to the limits of technology and long distances, some of you could not get the help that you needed.

Well, things just got easier for you! As promised, I have expanded therapy services to now include telemedicine, also known as online therapy, e-therapy, e-psychotherapy, internet therapy, cybertherapy and/or telehealth. Due to state regulations,  I can only offer this where I am currently licensed, which happens to be the State of New Jersey.

What are the benefits of online therapy? 

  • reduced commuting time
  • reduced travel costs
  • access to a wider variety of practitioners
  • less time away from work and/or home
  • therapy within the safety, security and comfort of your own home

What about paperwork?

  • We are now a paperless office! This means that you can complete all forms securely on-line through a special client portal. Super simple and efficient.

Can anyone participate in online therapy?

  • Telemedicine benefits many people but it is not suitable for everyone. I will conduct a pre-screening assessment via phone as a preliminary step, however, within our first two sessions of assessment, I will determine further whether or not telemedicine is the right fit for you. If needed, I will offer you a proper referral.

Do I need to live far away to obtain online therapy services?

  • No! I can offer you telemedicine psychotherapy in any part of New Jersey (even if you live right around the corner!).

What equipment do I need?

  • You need a computer or phone with a built-in camera and microphone. No downloads required. The program is a cloud-based program that simply requires you to create a username and profile.

What happens when I log in for my appointment?

  • Once you log in, you will wait in the “virtual waiting room”. You’ll know you are in the right place because your screen will have my company logo on it. When I enter the waiting room, our session begins!

How will I pay for my sessions?

  • Telemedicine requires payment via debit/credit card. You will provide that information at the onset of therapy and I will run the card through at the end of each session.

Will health insurance cover my online therapy services?

  • All insurance companies operate differently. You would need to contact your insurance and specifically ask them if they cover telemedicine for mental health services.

It is my honor to serve your individual and relationship needs, both locally and at longer distances. If you have questions, please email me here.

I look forward to “seeing” you soon!

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