Do you have any Love Rituals?

The month of love, that’s what February is all about, right?

Why limit the special gestures to one day/month a year? Couples tend to rely on that occasional love gesture to spark interest, passion and pleasure within their relationship. This might be successful for that moment or day but does not sustain intimate connection.

Instead of waiting for that special date to occur, or for your partner to bring you flowers once a year, consider creating little love rituals that last long after Valentine’s Day.

Look for the small opportunities within your daily living that show your partner, I care about you“, “I adore you“, “I love you.

Keep it simple.

You might cook your partner’s favorite meal each week, prepare their morning coffee on the weekends, wash their car once a month or take turns to create simple at-home dates one night a week.

Act on whatever your creative mind and loving heart feels inspired to do.

Small acts of kindness and care go far beyond the “big date” that might happen once every few months.

If you are like so many busy couples and families who struggle to attend to your relationship, create little rituals for your beloved that shows them how much you appreciate and love them.

What are your favorite love rituals?

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