What happens when therapy ends?

When therapy is close to an end, you might feel a bit panicky and wonder:

  • What if we fall back into our old habits?
  • What if we become disconnected?
  • What if we stop having sex?
  • What if we lose our spark again?

We see a marked difference in couples who choose to intentionally sustain their gains versus others who take a more passive approach. The latter regress into old habits and patterns and find themselves back in for more intensive therapy.

Clients who join our Love Sustained program commit to one therapy “check-in” session every 6 months for brush-ups and fine-tuning.  Rather than waiting until distance creates a wide divide, we encourage you to be proactive in maintaining all that you’ve learned through your work with us.

Saying “yes” to Love Sustained also says, “You matter”. “Our love is important to me”. “I’m in!”

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