Low Sexual Desire

Spring has brought an onslaught of busyness into my life. I have had opportunities to reach folks, like yourselves, through media interviews on low sexual desire. I am also diving deep into my creative process, designing rich, innovative new programs for you.

In The Media

In early Spring, two journalists from South Jersey Magazine, reached out to ask for my contribution to two of their articles on low sexual desire. The articles have since been published and I’ve included the links for you below.

In their May Women’s Issue, SJ Magazine published an article that explores Women’s Low Sexual Desire, Menopause and Stress on the libido. I am joined by Eric Grossman, MD, Advocare Premier Ob/Gyn South Jersey and Charlotte Markey, Ph.D., professor of Psychology at Rutgers-Camden.

“Getting Your Groove Back, A Declining Sex Drive is Normal but it Doesn’t Have to be Your Normal”    https://sjmagazine.net/e-issue/2016/05/#page/46

In their June Men’s Issue, SJ Magazine explored Men’s Low Sexual Desire, the Role of Pornography and Psychological Contributors to male low libido. Here, my esteemed colleague and therapist, Dr. Stephen Betchen, along with professor Charlotte Markey, Ph.D. and Urologist Allen Seftel, MD, add their expertise as well.

“What’s Sabotaging Your Sex Drive?” How to Cope When It Isn’t Really All About the Physical    https://sjmagazine.net/sj-health/whats-sabotaging-your-sex-drive

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