No matter what type of sexual struggle you may experience, how you conceptualize sex and sexuality plays a vital role in your ability to enjoy a healthy sex life. Sexuality is so much more than sexual feelings and/or intercourse. Sexuality is a rich and complex blend of influences, perspectives and concepts that inform how you view yourself and behave sexually.

Our Present-Centered and Intersystemic Approach allows us to examine what arises naturally in session as we also explore:

  • Your individual biological history
  • Your individual psychological history
  • Your family of origin
  • Your relational history
  • Sociological/Cultural influences

As we work together to help you unpack this information individually or for all partners involved, we identify the roots of particular relational and sexual patterns.

We also bear witness to how you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually organize yourself around these patterns. From there, we work towards a resolution.

As an active participant in your own process, you increase your levels of awareness ~ awareness of self, of others and of the system within which you live. With awareness comes choice. With choice comes the potential for change.

Carolynn Aristone, MSW, LCSW, CST is clinically trained to address the full spectrum of your relationship, including sex. Carolynn trains, supervises and educates her team to ensure expert care in addressing your concerns. All team members strive to offer you a truly holistic approach to relationship repair, sexual growth and sexual healing, using their clinical and experiential skills along with their on-going continuing education.