Valentine’s Day gets such a mixed bag of reactions.

Some folks HATE Valentine’s Day while others love it. Others come up with creative ways to celebrate while others feel pressured and overwhelmed to make it a perfect experience.

Unfortunately, most folks truly miss what matters most. While chocolates, flowers, and dinner are lovely gestures, they don’t exactly bring depth and richness to your relationship.

Below, we offer you 3 non-traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day that can deliver something meaningful and different from the usual types of gifts.

Suggestion #1: The Emotion Potion

Most couples live within surface conversations. They miss a real emotional connection. You can improve your emotional connection by sharing what you love about your partner in their various roles. If you’re giving them a card, consider writing this inside of it:

Dear ______,

Here’s what my loving eyes see when I look at you.

As my best friend, I value that you ________

As a co-parent to our kids, I love how you _________

As my spouse, you always make me feel _______________

As my lover, you always turn me on when you __________________

For these reasons, I celebrate you today, my love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I guarantee you, these words will touch their heart in magnificent ways and restore a bit of magic between you. Pick the sentences that work for you, or make up your own.

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Suggestion #2: Tap Into Touch

Couple’s often starve from the lack of affection or non-sexual physical touch. For Valentine’s Day, create a list of 7 affectionate gestures that your partner can choose from on a daily basis for (1) week.

Write a sweet note like this one:

My sweet love,

I miss our touch. This Valentine’s Day, I want to offer you the gift of my affection. For the next 7 days, you get to choose an affectionate gesture from the list below from me to you.

❤ A gentle shoulder rub
❤ Spooning in bed
❤ A foot massage
❤ Playing with your hair
❤ Kisses all over your face
❤ Snuggles on the couch
❤ A warm, long embrace

I love you more than words can say.

Getting a week of your intentional, purposeful attention through touch bridges a much-needed experience for most couples. Your partner is going to LOVE how you make them feel.

Suggestion #3: Sexual Generosity

Step into a deeper level of intimacy by sharing a sexual fantasy with your partner. Go into the details to help them learn what turns you on. The benefits of this gift include:

  • Sexual generosity – When you invite your partner into the privacy of your sexual thoughts, you offer them a tremendous gift of intimacy
  • Sexual integration – By bringing out some of the stories that you hold deep in your thoughts, you integrate them into your sexual world with your partner
  • Permission – By sharing some of your most private fantasies, you open the door for your partner to do the same
  • Inclusion – No longer compartmentalized, you now include your partner in some of your most intimate fantasies

You can choose to share this verbally or write out the story and read it together. So.Much.Fun.!

For all three of these suggestions, you can clearly see how these ideas go far beyond chocolates or even a dinner out.

These provide true opportunities for bonding, transparency, connection, and intimacy. Try to look beyond the traditional gift this Valentine’s Day.

Step outside of your own box, take the necessary risks required to create fierce intimacy and love like you’ve never loved before.

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