Hesitation to be Intimate

In this video, I am sharing my thoughts on how to overcome hesitation to be sexual with your partner when you might not know the reasons.


Hi, Thanks for taking my question, I’m a man married for about 10 years, I come from a background where we meet our spouse only one or two times, and we mainly rely on our parents research, (it’s due to our religion), and I even some beautiful kids, my wife is a wonderful and smart and even good looking woman, but there must be something that turns down my intimate desire  and I don’t enjoy my bedroom at all, it took me years to be open with her, and even went to some help, but ultimately I feel like I’m missing a huge part of my life. my wife really does enjoys it and asks for it often and that even put greater pressure on me doing it unwillingly or not doing it and leaving her bitter, it may be her weight (she is not fat but not as skinny as my fantasy goes..) that turns me down, however I believe that if there would be a better relationship, it wouldn’t bother me to that point,  thanks for giving me the opportunity to express this issue, hope you’ll be able to help me.


There are many reasons why intimacy becomes an issue in committed relationships. In this video, I discuss a few ways to identify what may be influencing your hesitations.

There are specific points that are addressed specifically to this submission:

* How does an arranged marriage affect sexual attraction, can you ‘make’ yourself attracted to your partner or can they make you feel more attracted to them?
* How do your religious beliefs affect your views of sexuality?

Watch this video for my thoughts on how to better understand this challenge.


This video isn’t a substitute for professional therapy and is for educational purposes only.

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