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My wife feels fat and disgusting and won’t have sex again until she feels good about herself. Won’t exercise or stop snacking though. All she has is a little belly but feels her whole body is gross.


When your partner is in a negative place or disparaging about themselves, specific communication topics can help to bridge the gap between you two. You can’t necessarily change her belief system when it comes to her body and how she views herself but you can impact her belief system when it comes to what she believes and knows about your relationship. Acknowledge that this is something she is going through but she’s actually not the only one because how she views herself and sex impacts the person she is in the relationship with. Let her know how this affects you, how it makes you feel (lonely, sad, rejected, hopeless, lost, etc.). Sharing your feelings with her can help the dynamic by giving her another perspective on the situation. Weekly check-ins are a good idea to see if progress is being made on the subject but overall, communication is key.

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