[Q&A Video] Partner Wants Kink, You Want Vanilla


My girlfriend, who is narcissistic and borderline, cut me off because I’m a vanilla guy in bed and refused to perform a kinky role. She went to another guy who treated her as a sub. I live in Canada and her in the US, and we are also distant relatives. What can I do to fix this?


If you have no interest in being kinky, there is nothing wrong with that. If she prefers kinky sex and wants the Dom/Sub roles, that is okay too. However that does create sexual incompatibility, and that is something you will need to confront and make a decision on. You could have an open relationship where each goes to their preferred style of sex. However looking as a whole, you are in a relationship with someone who does not meet your needs on many levels; narcissism, sexually incompatible, as well as being long-distance. This brings up the question, are you finding yourself in a submissive role if you’re finding she tends to dominate the relationship?

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