We respectfully provide relationship counseling and sex therapy services to individuals and couples of all gender and sexual orientations whether you are single, dating, engaged, married, partnered, and/or those who practice alternative lifestyles.

To get started:

Step 1: Speak with our client care specialist – FREE

Step 2: Initial consultation with a staff therapist – $180

Step 3: Attend weekly therapy sessions – $150 +

Therapy Options:

Haddonfield NJ Sex Therapist

Relationship Counseling and Sex Therapy

Many couples come to therapy long before a crisis hits. Depending on your needs, therapy can take the form of brief treatment or longer for anyone working through more complicated issues.

As we help you with the issues that you present, we will also help you:

  1. Resolve recurring patterns of disconnect
  2. Restore intimacy, affection and love
  3. Reignite your sexual spark

Couples and sex therapy is for everyone, whether you are single or partnered.  However, not every therapist understands couples and sex therapy. Our field requires specialized training to help you address your concerns.

Our clinical team stays current with the latest relationship and sex therapy research so that we can bring you the richest experience that therapy can offer.  We understand the challenges of modern love. We are ready to help you create the love and life you absolutely deserve.

Haddonfield NJ Couples Therapy

VIP All-Access Program (Add-on)

Our therapy sessions provide a powerful vehicle for change. When you add on one of our VIP All-Access Programs to your therapy experience, you deepen your work ten-fold. Couples who have enrolled in our VIP programs have described their experience as “transformative”.

Each VIP All-Access program is an at-home curriculum that you use in conjunction with your therapy services. This integrative experience helps you apply the work you do in therapy with your life outside of therapy. You get instant access to tools and resources that you can use for a lifetime.

Simply choose which program targets your main goals and add it on to your therapy sessions:

Love, Sex and Intimacy

Our Love, Sex and Intimacy Program focuses on strengthening the most common intimacy problems that couples experience in long-term relationships: Communication, Teamwork, Touch and Sex. You will master these 4 relationship pillars to help you take your relationship to deeper levels of intimacy. 

Affair Recovery

Successful affair recovery requires expert guidance and most importantly, the light of hope.  If an affair is discovered or revealed, couples are often thrown into crisis, uncertain if this is an end or a new beginning. Our Affair Recovery Program provides the map you need to move through the three main phases of recovery: Crisis, Insight and Vision. Ideal for couples who want to repair, grow and transform their experience.

Each program contains 6 + hours of relationship education, through short, manageable audio recordings for easy listening. You can also download exercises to use in conjunction with your therapy process.

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Love Sustained Maintenance Program

We invite clients to return for a therapy “check-in” once every 6 months for brush-ups and fine-tuning. Rather than waiting until distance creates a wide divide, we help you to stay proactive in maintaining all that you’ve learned through your work with us.

Most insurance plans cover Center for Intimate Relationships
therapy services under out-of-network benefits.

See our FAQ for answers to your insurance questions.

Payment is expected at the time of services. You may pay for services via cash, check or credit card.
(Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Debit).

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