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In this video, I discuss how couples can regain intimacy after having children.


How do we get our marriage back on track? We have lost our love an intimacy after having children.


The fact that you are reaching out is a sign that you are still interested in intimacy and that is a good sign. Things are not as far gone as you might feel. There’s still hope.

This question is so important. What your question can indicate is that sometimes in the process of parenting, couples pour everything into their children and then little, chronic activities begin to divide you.

I call this chronic problem the ‘slow divide’.

Over time you end up neglecting each other, spending more time with your phone or activities for your children than you do with your partner and it becomes harder and harder to reconnect.

There is a high demand for your time and energy with your children and requires you to be present and active in their lives.

This does not mean you can’t pay attention to your relationship. Don’t assume that your relationship will always be there because it creates a sense of disconnection and it doesn’t come back on its own, it takes work and commitment.

Parents often feel guilty when they make time for their relationship and we need to stop the guilt! When you make time for your partner and you have children, you are modeling healthy behaviors.

Being a healthy adult means that you make time for each other and you show that to your children and it teaches them they can do that too when they get older.

Sometimes it is a matter of calling out that you are disconnected. I want you to talk about it. Ask your partner how they feel and discuss where you feel disconnected and that you want to bring it back.

Watch the video and learn more skills to help you work through this disconnection and grow intimately.


This video isn’t a substitute for professional therapy and is for educational purposes only.

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