Q. [Affair?] “Am I am thinking too much into my husband’s relationship with his female co-worker who he spends hours on the phone talking to, at least 8 times a day and texting? I even caught him talking to her at 3:00am.”

A. More than ever, couples are faced with the challenges and threats of affair behavior. Social media, chat sites, on-line relationships can feel like a “bar” right in your partner’s back pocket with a wealth of prospects. The theme of trust shows up again and again. In this video, the writer references the old school scenario: the “co-worker”.

Affairs happen, even in good relationships. In one of my audios from my Affair Recovery Program, I highlight that when someone cheats, it doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person. Even good people can get caught up in something and make a bad choice.

I firmly believe that affairs can offer couples an opportunity. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean “the end” of a relationship but the cheating partner has to full own up to their cheating. Accountability is a key component to healing after betrayal.

In this video, I cover:

  • Red flags for affair behavior
  • The need to confront your partner
  • Gaslighting concerns
  • What constitutes an emotional affair

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This video is for educational purposes only. This video is not intended to be psychotherapy or a replacement for psychotherapy.

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