Affair Recovery

Romantic relationships can make you feel high. When hitting on all cylinders, your love life can fill your heart and soul with almost unbearable pleasure. But, relationships also render you vulnerable to pain, anguish and loss.

These 2 readers wrote to me to try to resolve matters of their broken hearts.

Q. I am not able to let go of my husband’s affair. What will it take to move on and really let go?

Q. My wife recently divorced me over finances. I promised her that I would work so that she could stay home while the kids were young; that was 20 years ago. I tried; I never stopped trying. She is seeing someone else. I love my wife. Our kids and I are heart-broken. I continue to work to provide to win her back. My heart hurts in ways and places I never imagined.

Sometimes the pain may make you feel like relationships are just not worth it. But I’ll tell you, I will always stand on the side of love. LOVE is worth it. YOU are worth it.

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