Free Webinar: Relationship Resilience in Times of Crisis

Strategies and Support for Couples Navigating the Pandemic

In this webinar, I share constructive ways for you and your partner to navigate
the relationship chaos and upheaval created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’ll give you specific tips for teamwork, communication, sexual health, self-care, physical health and logistics.

Learn how to kick into TEAM mode with your partner so you can stay safe, sane and healthy as a couple.

This world crisis doesn’t have to become a relationship crisis for you. 

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10 Days 10 Ways to build a more intimate relationship with your partner.

From simple to more involved, you’ll start talking more, feel closer, get a little sexy, and be playful together. 

Free, simple, easy-to-implement gestures that will build trust, enhance communication, and deepen intimacy.

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We provide online counseling
to individuals and couples who live in New Jersey impacted by the pandemic.

Please click here to set up an appointment to speak to our Client Care Coordinator about available appointments.

We are out of network providers. This means that your insurance may cover a portion of the therapy cost if you have out of network benefits. You will pay the full cost upfront and receive receipts to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

If your insurance covers this service, they will send you a reimbursement check directly. We find that clients often receive 50-80% back from their insurance companies after meeting their deductible.

Four simple questions to ask your insurance company:
· Do I have out of network benefits for behavioral health?
· Does my plan cover telemedicine or telehealth services?
· Do I have to meet a deductible before getting reimbursed?
· What is the percentage of reimbursement that I will receive for psychotherapy?