Single….. Now What?

A Group for Adults 21 and Over
All Sexual Orientations Welcome

Bumble, Match, EHarmony… the demand to become partnered “instantly” can make you feel like there’s something wrong with being single.

Being single does not mean go to panic mode!

Single…..Now What? will help you learn how to feel grounded in your new status. You will explore past relationship mistakes and how not to repeat them.

You will learn how to love yourself and your life fully so that you can then love another person fully.

Before you dive right back into dating after a break up, learn how to embrace your own self and life with gusto!

Our goal is to help you shift from “I need a relationship to be happy” to “I’m so in love with my single life!”

These in-office small groups provide education, guidance, and community along with professional facilitation.

Our groups are “open groups”. That means that our groups run monthly and you are welcome to join in any month that the groups runs (although we do recommend getting in on this from the get-go since space is limited!).

We meet once per month on Saturday mornings, contact us for specific dates.
Time: 9:00 am – 10:15 am
Cost: $45 per person, per group session
Facilitator: Debbie Pilzer, MS, LPC, NCC

To register, please contact Debbie at Must register 48 hours before the group begins.