Support Groups

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Our professionally led groups provide support, education and an opportunity to connect
with like-minded individuals. 

We hold “ongoing open groups”.
That means that you are welcome to join at any time that the group runs.
All sexual orientations welcome. For adults 21 and over

Support Groups in Haddonfield

Healthy You. Healthy Love.

Do you constantly put the needs of others before yourself? Are you stressed out? Feel depleted at the end of the day? Emotionally and physically drained?

Healthy You. Healthy Love. is a holistic support group designed for adults who tend to put the needs of others before their own, and as a result, feel exhausted, drained, irritable and frazzled.

Who would you be if you weren’t taking care of others all the time?

In this group, you will learn how to take good care of you first. This includes healthy rituals of self-care, better communication and setting stronger boundaries without feeling guilty.

It’s impossible to truly give to others when your own well is empty. Surround yourself with our supportive community so that you can learn how to how to prioritize your own needs and desires, finally.

Newly Single Support Groups in Haddonfield

Single, Now What?

Bumble, Match, EHarmony… the demand to become partnered “instantly” can make you feel like there’s something wrong with being single.

Being single does not mean go to panic mode!

Single…..Now What? will help you learn how to feel grounded in your new status. You will explore past relationship mistakes and how not to repeat them.

You will learn how to love yourself and your life fully so that you can then love another person fully.

Before you dive right back into dating after a break up, learn how to embrace your own self and life with gusto!

Our goal is to help you shift from “I need a relationship to be happy” to “I’m so in love with my single life!”

Cost $45 per person, per group session for each group.

For more information on our process groups or to pre-register,

please email Debbie Pilzer, MS, LPC, NCC

Please note that pre-registration is required.