New Group Starting Fall 2022

Our professionally led groups provide support, education and
an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. 

For adults 21 and over.

*** All groups are held Virtually unless otherwise noted. ****

Support Groups in Haddonfield

Healthy You. Healthy Love.

Healthy You. Healthy Love. started as an 8-week support group for women who felt overextended by life, kids, relationships, career and family. In came the coronavirus pandemic and now, feeling “pulled in too many directions” reached a whole new level of overwhelm. 

Anxiety, uncertainty, fear, not enough alone time or too much isolation weighs heavily on women’s minds, bodies and hearts. 

HYHL is ideal for any woman who has a hard time saying “no” out of guilt and who puts the needs of others before herself. Good boundaries and real self-care skills are essential for a healthy self. 

Here’s how we can help you get there:

Week 1:  Real Self-Care, It’s Not What You Think

Learn what valuable, replenishing self-care actually is as compared to common “surface” self-care practices that don’t help you feel better, sane or fulfilled. 

Week 2:  When Fear Trumps Change

Explore your love-hate relationship with the concept of “change” and the ways that fear holds you back. In w