Do You Connect at a Distance?

We all hold certain roles in our relationships that can shift.  I'm not talking about who takes out the trash or who puts the kids to bed.  I'm writing about a deeper relational dynamic. As biologically-programmed social creatures, we seek and crave connection to an other. True connection requires a [...]

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The Postpartum Relationship

When a couple plans and achieves a pregnancy, they usually feel a mixture of shock and excitement during their first few weeks. Then they begin visiting doctors, getting ultrasounds and sharing their good news with others. Their 40 week journey is filled with full-on preparation for the baby. But who [...]

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Vulnerability Heals Shame

I recently visited Brene Brown's wise, eloquent and humorous TEDTalk video titled "The Power of Vulnerability".  Ms. Brown is an established social work researcher, author and speaker.  In this talk, she discussed her research on the role of vulnerability and shame in human connection. She spent 6 years collecting and [...]

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