5 Step Process to Intimate Love

Do you fear intimate love? You're not the only one. We all want deep connection. Sometimes we even crave it.  Yet, we find ways to block or ignore intimate moments. Want some examples? Staying single. Spending more time on tech than with our partners. Sustaining chronic conflict. Living in a sexless marriage. I could [...]

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The Truth About Intimacy

Some of you have responded to the 28-Day Intimacy Challenge. Here’s what you had to say: Cara said, “At first, the challenge was fun and easy but it felt harder as it progressed. I found myself a bit anxious when the emails arrived”. Playful/Fearful/Vulnerable Steve said, “I sent the “make [...]

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I Have A Confession To Make

We have an exciting new program launching this February! But before I can share it with you, I must confess my love-hate relationship to Valentine's Day. Historically, when the month of February rolled around, I mocked this candy-heart, over-priced holiday, drenched with commercialism and all too expensive cards. However, in recent years, [...]

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The Four Relationship Truths

I recently attended a virtual talk titled Waking Up Through Relationships by Susan Piver, renowned Buddhist teacher and author. I appreciated how she created and framed these four relationship truths. Do not let their simplicity fool you. Really. I summarize her words of wisdom below: Truth #1: Relationships are uncomfortable. [...]

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