[Q&A Video] Erectile Dysfunction and Loss of Spouse

Question: I am a 57-year-old man who's wife of 35 years suddenly passed away. 18 years ago she had previously been diagnosed with breast cancer and undergone chemotherapy and a full mastectomy. From then on our sex life was essentially non-existent, and I was okay with that ♥️ READ MORE

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5 Step Process to Intimate Love

Do you fear intimate love? You're not the only one. We all want deep connection. Sometimes we even crave it.  Yet, we find ways to block or ignore intimate moments. Want some examples? Staying single. Spending more time on tech than with our partners. Sustaining chronic conflict. Living in a sexless marriage. I could ♥️ READ MORE

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What She Learned About Sex Therapy

Dominique learned something valuable about sex therapy as we processed her separation. She and her spouse had been married for over 35 years. They met as late teenagers, grew up together and raised 2 children. One of their frequent conflicts involved sexual desire differences. Dominique told me that whenever her spouse reached ♥️ READ MORE

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5 Intimacy Questions to Help You Improve Your Relationship

Goodtherapy.org recently published my article, Is Your Relationship Close, Intimate, Both or Neither? Knowing the difference between closeness and intimacy can guide your relationship toward deeper connection. Start by asking yourself these five questions.      

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My Intimacy Revelation Reveals Intimacy Avoidance

My blog should have gone out Friday afternoon. I sat down to right about intimacy Thursday night (with yet another head cold) and stared at a blank computer screen. I just did not care about intimacy. I had nothing to say about it. Which lasted into Friday, then Saturday and today. To ♥️ READ MORE

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The Four Relationship Truths

I recently attended a virtual talk titled Waking Up Through Relationships by Susan Piver, renowned Buddhist teacher and author. I appreciated how she created and framed these four relationship truths. Do not let their simplicity fool you. Really. I summarize her words of wisdom below: Truth #1: Relationships are uncomfortable. ♥️ READ MORE

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Is Your Relationship In Critical Condition?

Is your relationship in critical condition? Some couples come into my office in "critical condition". This usually means the "D" word has come up (divorce). What’s the common theme? They brush their problems under the rug, for years. Both live under the same roof dissatisfied with each other. They ♥️ READ MORE

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