The Four Relationship Truths

I recently attended a virtual talk titled Waking Up Through Relationships by Susan Piver, renowned Buddhist teacher and author. I appreciated how she created and framed these four relationship truths. Do not let their simplicity fool you. Really. I summarize her words of wisdom below: Truth #1: Relationships are uncomfortable. [...]

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Rise Up

This week, I graduated a Sex Therapy Certification program.  I enrolled in the program back in September. I have grown by leaps and bounds in my clinical approach with clients. I have much to celebrate. But this growth required some sacrifice, personally, professionally and financially. Growth is never easy. For [...]

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Through a Mindful Eye

Children naturally embody the magic of wonder and present-centered awareness. I see this everyday in my kids as they demonstrate their fascination with the "ordinary". Simple things like intensely studying how the cabinet door opens and closes or how the soap makes bubbles on their hands as they wash. My [...]

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