[Q&A Video] Partner is Insecure About Body and Declines Physical Intimacy

Question:My wife feels fat and disgusting and won't have sex again until she feels good about herself. Won't exercise or stop snacking though. All she has is a little belly but feels her whole body is gross.Answer:When your partner is in a negative place or disparaging about themselves, [...]

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[Q&A Video] How do you deal with a man who feels he’s never in the wrong and who doesn’t ever apologize?

Question: How do you deal with a man who feels he's never in the wrong and who doesn't ever apologize? Answer: The first step is to make sure that before you begin this conversation, both of you are calm and willing to communicate. Click HERE to see our [...]

[Q&A Video] How do you deal with a man who feels he’s never in the wrong and who doesn’t ever apologize?2018-08-10T18:39:16+00:00

Skin Hunger

We are born wired for human touch. If we go through a significant period of time without it, we begin to physically crave it. We literally become hungry for skin to skin contact. It has been reported that infants who lived in orphanages died from lack of touch. [...]

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[Q&A] Facebook Over Sex

Is Facebook ruining your relationship? Q. Frustrated with wife or my self not sure? Sex is a rare occurrence any more. It is usually always good when we have it, but sometimes it feels like a struggle to get there. I feel like she is so uninterested in it [...]

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The Postpartum Relationship

When a couple plans and achieves a pregnancy, they usually feel a mixture of shock and excitement during their first few weeks. Then they begin visiting doctors, getting ultrasounds and sharing their good news with others. Their 40 week journey is filled with full-on preparation for the baby. But who [...]

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Should You Leave?

As my birthday approaches at the end of this week, I've been thinking about what I've learned over the years. Of my various experiences and lessons, one stands out above all others. It transformed my approach to life. It all started in a casual conversation with my good friend and [...]

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Lead by Example

The theme of bullying has come across my path several times over the past week. A few days ago, on NPR, an author promoted her book on new research regarding cyber-bullying. On Facebook, several you-tube videos on bullying popped up, painfully describing the stories of victims and their resiliency. Last [...]

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Take a Facebook Break

I read an article today about a woman who realized that Facebook not only took over her life, it left her feeling depressed, disconnected and alone. How could something that identifies itself as "social" leave one feeling lonely and in despair? While Facebook and other social media outlets offer an [...]

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