How Humor Strengthens Your Relationship

Is there Humor in your relationship? Do you laugh at yourself?  Or, do you take yourself too seriously?  Laughter can be THE best medicine.  A good sense of humor can strengthen your relationship with yourself and others. If you’ve ever been to therapy, you know some sessions are hard. ♥️ READ MORE

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The Secret Behind Your Sexless Marriage

Are you living in a sexless marriage?  Perhaps you’re one of those couples that from the outside everything looks picture-perfect, but you carry a secret that no one knows about.  You and your partner don’t touch each other, you don’t get intimate with each other, and you don’t have ♥️ READ MORE

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[Q&A Video] Start Up Questions for Your Sexless Marriage

Q. My wife and I are both in our 60's. She has no interest in sex or romance. We haven't been romantically involved in years. I have considered having relations outside of the marriage and have even discussed this with her. I'd like to ♥️ READ MORE

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How To Talk About Sex, Part 3 of 5: “Let’s Have Sex” Talk

In Part 3 of our series that focuses on how to talk about sex, I address the sexual myth “sex should be spontaneous”. Many couples question their relationship when sex stops happening. When I suggest scheduling sex, they might even balk at me and tell me this turns them off. ♥️ READ MORE

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