The Center for Intimate Relationships has some upcoming changes for you. Allow me to tease you with what is to come!

Many of you find me through the web, usually on a therapy directory, my website or social media. Some of you delay or never make the call to see me. Yet, religiously, you follow my blogs in hope of getting the resolution you seek. I realize that you need more than blog posts to help you live and love better.

It is not easy for most people to come to therapy, especially to discuss their relationship or sex life. As a previous client of therapy, I truly understand the complexity of this decision, especially as it relates to privacy, confidentiality and discretion. I also know that some of you desperately want to love and feel loved, reignite passion and reawaken your sexuality.

Over the past several months, I have worked hard to soon launch a dynamic, comprehensive website. Here’s what I have in store for you:

ON-LINE CLASSES – At Your Own Pace. In your own home. Privately.

Folks, you can have therapy right on your own comfy couch. I am creating several courses on relationships, intimacy and sex that you can easily have access to. Your first course will be ready for you February 2016!

ON-LINE RETAIL – Pleasure Products. Discreet Purchase.

I have partnered with a wonderful organization dedicated to promoting sex education and pleasure products. They are phenomenal! I CAN NOT WAIT to share this with you.

VIDEO CONFERENCING SESSIONS – Convenient. Confidential.

Similar to Skype, I will offer video conferencing sessions to all New Jersey residents via a secure, HIPAA compliant software program. Whether distance, scheduling or time prevent you from making an appointment, you can connect with me on-line to help you create the change you seek.

There’s even more to come but what kind of tease would I be if I gave it all away right now?

My passion and enthusiasm for this work fuels the progress and growth of my practice. I take what you tell me and make it happen. Too shy to come in? Take my class on-line. Too far away? Let’s meet virtually. Scared to shop on-line? Shop from a store that I trust.

I’m titillated by what I have in store for you.  How about you?  Tell me what you want. Is there a particular course you want me to offer? Product you want more info on? Service I have not yet mentioned? 

Email me here. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. You can Live. Love. Better.

Let’s make it happen!

PS – I am often asked about sex surrogacy. Please note that this is not a service I provide or a legal service in the state of New Jersey. For more on this, read my blog post or visit this organization, IPSA.

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