How to overcome men’s hesitancy to join together in a small group to help each other in business as well as building masculine friendships in adult life similar to a grown-up version of a fraternity in college, while women do this with ease?

I recently attending a photographic business opening launch party at ‘THE HIVE” in Wichita, Kansas. THE HIVE is a large commercial building set up so that businesswomen can conduct their business out of the same location and share support and common facilities like a conference room, individual office cubicles, a photo studio, a waiting room, restroom facilities, a lunchroom, etc.

The women agree to be helpful to each other in conducting their businesses, It was my experience during my 40 years of  private dental practice in Wichita, that the other dentists, who were 90% male, were so competitive and eager to expand their practices, that they would lie and do anything to steal my patients.

It seems to me that men in general sometimes lack the capacity to help each other unless they are family. The only time I remember male dentists being supportive of each other was then a father wanted to leave his practice to his son when he retired.  I don’t understand why unrelated by blood men struggle with being confident enough to support others in their field like women seem to do.

The one exception is when they are forced to work together in war. I was in United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and enjoyed the comradeship that i experienced when we had a common goal

I share my thoughts on all of the above plus the deeper issues around Toxic Masculinity.


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