I am a 26 year old virgin. I have not been able to get a pap spear because I have vaginismus. I have my first boyfriend, and I really need help.


First thing is to say that you are not alone. Roughly 20% of women suffer from this so the feeling of shame, or lack of outreach is unnecessary. For those that do not know, vaginismus is an involuntary of the pelvic floor muscles, particularly when you try and insert something into the vagina, whether that be a penis, or a tampon, or what have you. This can be caused by a few things; anxiety of many kinds, a previous sexual trauma, fear, or physical trauma to the pelvic floor region. These are a few examples. My biggest piece of advice is to find a good gynecologist! Make sure they’re well informed and you feel comfortable speaking with them about it, particularly a specialist of some kind. Vaginismus is a resolvable condition!

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