Do you ever …

Feel like you lack that ‘Spark’ you once had?

Wish that you could express your love consistently?

Miss being light, fun and playful together?

Want to try new and exciting things in the bedroom?

Feel lost on how to strengthen your relationship on a regular basis?

If only there was something out there to help you and your partner keep your spark alive. Something to help you build and sustain intimacy and connection.

The Intimacy Insiders Membership offers fun and exciting ways to grow with your partner!

It is super easy … each month you will receive my Insiders Exclusive, filled with simple activities and exercises that help you and your partner stay juicy, inspired and in love.

Each Month You Will Get Access To:

  • “Between the Sheets” audio series that offers simple yet specific sexy suggestions to try in the bedroom!

  • The Pulse Email helps you energize your love through shared Mind, Body & Soul Experiences.

  • You’ll get a special “Inspired Action” audio series that helps you reconnect and refresh your love through bitesized actions that offer big impact.

  • A Power Mantra that supports your intention to build a strong, sexy relationship.

  • Access to special bonus programs, resources, and inspiring activities that help you, as a couple, become more sexy, robust, loving and FUN!

All of this and tons more for
less than $9 a month…

We are launching April 1st but you can get on the waitlist for all the special bonuses and a pretty nifty discount too!

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