Use this Relationship Calendar in 2021

New Year’s Day is almost here! We’re preparing to leave 2020 behind with a sense of hope, renewal, and a fresh start for 2021.

Never before have we felt more ready to welcome a new year.

What better way to do that than to set ourselves up for a ridiculous amount of relationship connection and success!

We’ve created a fun Relationship Calendar that helps you plant special days into your year to remind you to tune into love.

There ain’t nothin’ wrong with a relationship reminder on your calendar! You use calendars and planners to remind you of important events and to do’s, right?

The question is, why DON’T you also plan for your relationship? Especially when it’s so easy for the relationship to take a back seat to everything else on your plate.

As relationship counselors and sex therapists, we often hear that partners don’t feel like a priority. “Everything else comes first”. The kids, work, the in-laws, the school, etc.

Before you know it, you’ve drifted so far apart, you struggle to find your way back.

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Couple’s Relationship Tool for 2021

This simple little calendar will help you create touchpoints throughout the year. If followed, you’ll build in lots of intentional, meaningful moments without having to climb mountains to do so.

Life can easily steamroll even the best relationships. By the time you’ve handled all of your daily responsibilities, you’ve got nothing left for your partner, right?

Add these events to your calendar and let this guide you back to each other over and over again. Informed by National Today website, here’s what to plan for:

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Download the Relationship Calendar

Of course, you can add any other relationship milestones to this such as your wedding anniversary, the day you became parents, etc.

You might wonder why we’re suggesting that you put so many dates on a calendar. You might think, “Isn’t our anniversary enough acknowledgment?”

Why You Need Intimate Connection Consistently

Relationships typically start off with what’s called New Relationship Energy. It’s that magical time where the sparks fly between you. You are each other’s only focus. We refer to this as the “honeymoon phase”. But eventually, that energy shifts.

As it passes, you start to focus on other things. Why?

Because you’ve established your sense of safety and commitment with each other. In your mind, no one is going anywhere. You’ve committed. Maybe you’ve declared that you’re not seeing other people. Maybe you’ve moved in together or maybe, you’ve gotten married.

Over time, that commitment turns into complacency. You don’t have to declare your love for each other because it’s already established through your commitment. You think that because you have sex together, your partner knows how you feel about them.

Unfortunately, celebrating your relationship once a year on your anniversary isn’t always proof that your relationship matters to you.

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