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You may wonder where your energy and desire has gone or how you can make room in your busy life for intimacy. You might even fear that you can’t get that “spark” back.  Statements like:  “We don’t know how to communicate”“We live like roommates”“I’d be fine if we never have sex again” or maybe “I’m tired of being rejected by my partner” may cross your mind. Whether you seek individual therapy, couples therapy or take one of our online courses, our compassionate team will help you resolve your intimacy problems. By strengthening your emotional, physical and sexual connection, you will feel secure in your love on a daily basis.

Our Mission

We support individuals and partners who seek to improve their emotional, physical and sexual intimacy. Through expertise in relationships, marriage and sex, we help you explore, enhance, create and sustain a passionate, fulfilling relationship. Explore our website further to learn more.

  • Expert Trained — Boutique Therapy Practice means that we are highly specialized in our field. We appreciate our 5 Star reviews from satisfied clients and fellow colleagues who recognize our expertise.

  • Who Refers to Us — Physicians, therapists, clergy and previous clients frequently refer individuals and couples to our practice because we uphold a valued reputation in the community.

  • Our Values — We know that our relationship with you sits at the heart of progress and change. Our practice values professionalism, integrity, passion, risk, impact, commitment and self-determination.

  • Online Counseling — Telehealth services for individuals and couples is now available for clients who reside in the entire State of New Jersey. Flexible, comfortable, convenient and easy.

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