Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have a question that we have not answered, please call to speak to our Client Care Specialists at 856.208.6443.

“Who goes to therapy?”

Anyone who is interested in working through an issue: individual women and men, partners of all sexual and gender orientations, children and whole families.

“Who do you work with?”

We work with individuals and partners of all genders and sexual orientations, including those who practice alternative lifestyles, over the age of 21. We specialize in supporting adults to have fulfilling relationships and healthy, pleasurable sex lives.

“What issues do you work with?”

We work with a full range of issues. Please click on the following link to read detailed information on common issues addressed. If we did not list your issue, please call 856.208.6443 to inquire within.

“Does therapy work?”

Therapy works when you choose to fully invest yourself in the process. Therapy creates the space to help you hold yourself accountable for the change you wish to see in your life. With consistency, commitment, and support, you can identify your problems and how to move through them to reach your desired goals.

“How long will therapy take?”

Many factors contribute to your length of time in therapy since each person has their own unique history that shapes their reasons for coming in. We offer traditional therapy services and accelerated relationship programs. Or for those who prefer to set their own pace, we offer educational online E-Courses.

Our traditional therapy services allow you to come in weekly to work on your goals. There is no end point and the process is less structured than our accelerated programs.

Our accelerated relationship programs have a definitive end point at 6 months. Some clients express relief to us when they know exactly how long they are signing up for. Knowing it ends in 6 months also motivates them to make the most of that time to receive maximum benefit!

“Do couples split up after therapy?”

Therapy is not a guaranteed cure for what ails your relationship. We have supported many couples successfully but not all couple’s relationships stay intact with therapy. Experience has taught us that often this occurs when one partner “goes through the motions” of coming into therapy with their partner but no longer loves their partner or wants to make the relationship work

“What type of therapy do you use?”

We draw from an eclectic range of therapeutic models, all of which aim to strengthen your relationship with yourself, with your partner/family and with your larger community. We hold my own therapeutic relationship with you in the highest regard and use this as a tool for healing. Therapy models range from traditional talk therapy to experiential models such as Gestalt therapy. To learn more about how we work, read our biography.

“What is sex therapy?”

Sex therapy is a specialized area of psychotherapy that often falls within the context of intimacy and relationships. We partner with you individually or coupled to address issues of sex, sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. We utilize evidence-based research including a present-centered intersystems approach, along with the pleasure-oriented model, to help you understand how you relate to yourself sexually as well as identify barriers to a healthy sex life. You will receive education as well as specific hands-on exercises and homework to help address sexual needs. We also draw from various relationship models, such as Imago, Gottman and Gestalt therapy to help you heal relationship wounds and increase intimacy. As with all of our therapeutic relationships, We maintain a non-judgmental and confidential environment that allows for full exploration of sexual concerns. Sex therapy does not include any nudity or sexual behavior, ever.

“How do I choose a therapist?”

Any therapist that you work with should be licensed or certified through the state. If you are interested in a particular therapist, meet with them to see how you feel with them. Do they seem easy to talk to? Does your therapist help you to feel safe and comfortable? These are important qualities to look for in your therapist.

“Do you accept insurance?”

We are an out of network providers. This means that, whether you choose one of our packages or programs, your insurance may cover a portion of the therapy cost if you have out of network benefits. You will pay the full cost upfront and receive receipts to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. If your insurance covers this service, they will send you a reimbursement check directly. We find that clients often receive 50-80% back from their insurance companies after meeting their deductible.

“What should I ask my insurance company?”

Three simple questions:
· Do I have out of network benefits for behavioral health?
· Do I have to meet a deductible before getting reimbursed?
· What is the percentage of reimbursement that I will receive for individual or family therapy?

“Why do you not accept insurance?”

Insurance companies often limit what therapist you can see, how long you can see them for and the reasons that you can see them. We also have clients who would prefer to keep their information completely confidential and not submit diagnostic codes to insurance companies. If we contracted with insurance companies, we would be bound by their rules and required to submit documentation. We want you to be able to make your own mental health choices. If you choose to see us, we want you to be able to decide when you want to see us and for how long. Our out of network status puts you in the driver’s seat, not your insurance company.

“Does health insurance cover marriage/couples counseling?”

Health insurance does not cover marriage/couples counseling, however, many times, one or both partners may have a diagnosis that insurance would cover. We can determine this after your initial appointment when we conduct a full assessment.

What People Are Saying About Their Experience
With the Center for Intimate Relationships

Thank you so much for your support and guidance and ability to provide calming perspective during the most stressful time in our relationship as a couple. Thank you for being consummately trustworthy and committed to your work. Your ability to create a safe space for listening to our points of view was invaluable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Not only did Carolynn help us manage the immediate challenges of being new partners and new parents, but she also helped us to develop communication strategies that will serve us for the rest of our marriage. She’s kind, compassionate, and astute and, with her help, we strengthened the foundation that we already knew we had for a long and loving life together.

Not only is Carolynn a great therapist but in getting to know her through my sessions, it was easy for me to see that she is also an exceptional human being. I genuinely enjoy her personality and her healthy perspective:) THANK YOU, Carolynn!

I continue to learn a great deal from Carolynn and have been able to transform my life relying on her guidance. She is a very empathetic, educated, thought-provoking therapist. Every single time that I leave Carolynn’s office, I am so grateful to have the supportive and non-judgmental environment that she provides. I feel as though Carolynn has absolutely given me all of the tools and guidance I need for true healing.

We have our relationship back. We have our intimacy back. We move around in the same space and carve out time to check in with each other. Carolynn has helped us navigate huge life decisions. She has helped us connect enough again that we decided to have another baby. We know that will bring more stress into our lives again, but with Carolynn behind us – we feel stronger than ever. We feel like we can accomplish anything together as a family.

From the moment we met Carolynn, we knew we were in the right hands. We both connected with her on day one. Carolynn’s passion for her work shines through immediately. My wife and I actually started connecting again. We walk out of her office and always embrace. We hold hands until we had to leave each other again. We always know, as difficult as the session may be, that we are making progress.

We are a lesbian couple who have been together for 10 years. We have two beautiful children together. The stress of parenting and the endless sleep deprivation took a toll on our relationship. We never made time for each other. We took each other for granted and we took our stress out on one another. Something had to change. We both dreamt about what we had when we first met. That time as a couple felt so magical but seemed so distant in our past.

Carolynn helped me to heal and helped to restore our relationship and healthy sex life. I am forever grateful to her for that.

When I began seeing Carolynn, my husband and I had not had sex in years but were beginning to talk about starting a family. I had been to other therapists in the past and had felt uncomfortable and even ashamed. Carolynn created an atmosphere of trust while handling my most intimate issues and her genuine level of caring and investment was evident in every conversation.

With Carolynn’s encouragement and thoughtful insights we explored many elements of my marriage as well as individual issues going on with me that I had not even realized were contributing to our lack of intimacy.

When my husband and I were unexpectedly faced with handling the sorrow of a miscarriage, Carolynn’s depth of knowledge and experience became even more evident by her ability to support me through this dark time in my life.

I am grateful I found The Center for Intimate Relationships and Carolynn! Carolynn has supported me navigating a difficult relationship and finding peace when it ended. With Carolynn’s compassion, patience, and simple direction I was able to use the tools I learned in session and apply it in all my relationships -family friends, workplace, intimate relationships, and most importantly the relationship with myself. I came in not knowing what I wanted or who I was, and today I genuinely love myself and have fulfilling relationships…